Guillaume Paugam

I am a quantitative researcher specialised in labour market policy. My research is at the frontier of applied economics, quantitative social policy and quantitative sociology. 

I currently work as a labour economist in the City Intelligence Unit at the Greater London Authority, where I monitor the state of London's labour market and produce research looking at employment issues and policies in London.

Before that, I completed a PhD in Social Policy at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford, under the supervision of Professor Bess Bukodi. I obtained the PhD in May 2024. The PhD followed an MPhil at DSPI, of which I was a full-time member for 7 years in total! I also hold a first-class honours BSc in Government and Economics from the London School of Economics. 

My PhD looked at the evolution of inequality in the distribution of employment within and across heterosexual couples over the past four decades in Europe, in light of the rising employment participation of women and of the increase in non-standard forms of work. 

The first empirical chapter of my doctoral thesis has been published in the Socio-Economic Review. The others are under review in academic journals. I presented my work at numerous conferences such as ESPANet or the LAGV Public Economics Conference. 

You can find more information on my research, publications, data and statistical codes on my personal website.