Jane Lilly Lopez


Following her undergraduate work at Stanford, Jane completed the MSc in Evidence-Based Social Work in 2006. As part of her research at Barnett House, Jane conducted a systematic review of the effects of SAT preparatory courses on students' scores, which was later published by Dr. Paul Montgomery and Jane in the International Journal of Social Welfare.

Jane is now a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of California, San Diego. Her research focuses on the intersections of immigration, citizenship, and family in the law. She is currently conducting an ethnographic study of mixed-citizenship couples living both within and outside the United States. Jane's work examines the effects of institutional (dis)approval on outcomes within and between families and how those outcomes shape individual and familial sense of belonging, social integration, and orientation toward the law. Through this project, Jane seeks to refine theoretical understandings of assimilation, legal consciousness, citizenship, and immigration as they relate to the law and the family. Her preliminary research with this population revealed the family-level effects of citizenship status (or the lack thereof) that can result in the exposure of citizens to the consequences of laws targeting their immigrant family members.