Karen Snow

Karen is a DPhil Candidate in Social Policy and Intervention from University of Oxford working to change social norms that lead to inequality and violence against women and children in low to middle income countries. She is a researcher and practitioner for social equality who designs evidence-based interventions to increase the resources and autonomy of low-resource groups, specialising in the areas of livelihoods, community organising, social mobility, and collective behaviour change, particularly social and gender norms. Karen founded For Common Cause, a charity for social mobility that helped low-resource groups in the UK to build their own ideas, projects and businesses for a better life by providing professional volunteer support, networks, skills training and cash transfers. For her work, she was nominated for Woman of the Year/Pioneer by Red magazine in 2015. She is a Programme manager with more than 20 years’ experience delivering programmes for clients in international development and the private sector, including USAID, DFID, the UNDP and Excite.