Mackenzie Martin

Mackenzie Martin is a Canadian Rhodes Scholar completing the DPhil in Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation under the supervision of Professor Frances Gardner and Dr Jamie Lachman. For her doctoral research, Mackenzie is examining the implementation and scale-up of Parenting for Lifelong Health-Teens to prevent violence against children among families in Tanzania as part of the Furaha Adolescent Implementation Research Study. In particular, she is exploring the role that community volunteers and school teachers implementing PLH-Teens play in programme delivery and outcomes.


Mackenzie recently completed the Master's in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation in the Department. As part of her MPhil research, she had the opportunity to present her research to a variety of audiences (e.g., Duke and Duchess of Sussex) and travel to four countries (Thailand, North Macedonia, Moldova, and Romania) to conduct fieldwork as part of the PLH initiative.


She also has a BSc in Human Ecology and a BEd Secondary Education from the University of Alberta. As a teacher and human ecologist, she is passionate about advancing the quality of life and well-being of vulnerable children and families through teaching, research, and service.