Michaela Bunakova

My name is Michaela Bunakova and I am currently reading for MSc in Comparative Social Policy. I graduated with first class honours from the University of Manchester, having spent a proportion of my undergraduate studies at McGill University in Montreal. My studies concentrated on health economics and my dissertation (currently in the editing process for publication) dealt with the spillover effects of having a doctor family member on the health of other family members. I wish to further draw on this globally under-researched issue of health concordance during my time at Oxford because I believe capturing the processes that lead to differential health outcomes within families could greatly inform social policy.

My particular interests lie in social epidemiology and understanding the interconnectedness between medical science and social sciences to address health inequalities within societies. In the past, I have worked as a data analyst for university medical research and intern in medical practice. During December, I will be joining the biodata science division at Institut Pasteur in Senegal for an internship. In my free time, I am learning French. 

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