Moa Schafer

While originally from Sweden, Moa has spent the majority of her life living abroad, in countries including Malaysia, Russia, the US, and the UK. Most recently, Moa graduated from the University of Glasgow where she completed a joint undergraduate degree in Psychology and Business and Management. Living in a variety of countries has fuelled Moa’s curiosity for understanding how socio-cultural factors contribute to issues faced by society. In particular, Moa is interested in child, family, and parenting interventions and how these can help address the different challenges that children and families face around the world. As a current MSc student in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation, Moa is excited to explore this topic further by evaluating the effectiveness of different types of interventions and investigating how they can help address challenges experienced by children and families.

Prior to joining the department, Moa worked on a variety of different research projects in both Europe and Asia, including studies focusing on refugee education, health-seeking behaviour, and poverty alleviation. She has also spent time working with a number of non-profit organisations, including UNICEF, the American Red Cross, and BRIS (Sweden’s leading children’s rights organisation).