Sophia Backhaus

Sophia Backhaus is a DPhil student in Social Intervention, supervised by Prof. Frances Gardner and a recipient of Clarendon – ESRC Grand Union DTP Award. In her research, Sophia focuses on the effectiveness of interventions to reduce child maltreatment in low- and middle-income countries.

Sophia holds an M.Sc. in Psychology with distinction from the University of Konstanz, Germany, and has visited the University of Haifa for an Erasmus-sponsored exchange semester. She completed her B.Sc. in Psychology at the University of Konstanz in 2016, focusing on prevalence and risk factors of child maltreatment in a parenting sample in Tanzania.

In her professional life, Sophia has worked as a consultant for the World Health Organization, led a cross-national research project on political violence at the University of Haifa and worked in her first profession as a pre-school teacher around the world. Sophia offered training on child abuse screening in German kindergartens, developed and implemented an intervention on dental hygiene in a preschool in Bolivia, developed and implemented an intervention addressing externalising behaviour for children living in a marginalized area in Hamburg, Germany and set up a project addressing the biological changes of adolescents, education for safe sex and strengthening self-esteem and self-efficacy in Tanzania.

To follow in due course.

Alemán-Díaz, A., Backhaus, S., Siebers, L., Chukwujama, O., Fenski, F., Henking, C. et al., Child and adolescent health in Europe: monitoring implementation of policies and provision of services, The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, First online: 1 November 2018,

Co-author and chapter author, Situation of child and adolescent health in Europe, (2018) World Health Organisation Europe,

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