Sunwoo Ryu

Sunwoo has recently started her DPhil in Social Policy after completing an MPhil degree in Comparative Social Policy at the Department. She has previously graduated from University of Bristol with a BSc in Social Policy and Politics. She has also gained work experience as a research analyst at the Korean Labour Institute, where she conducted a comparative analysis of change and continuity in family-related labour market policy of the UK, France, Germany and Sweden, as part of the government sponsored policy-learning initiative.


Sunwoo’s research interests concentrate on the collapse of welfare developmentalism and increasing public attention to families in East Asian societies, with a focus on South Korea. In her thesis, she aims to examine South Korea’s family policy development and, more specifically, the paradigm shift in its family policy making. Sunwoo’s general research areas of interest also include pro-natalism and the politics of reproduction, care regimes and gender equality, and work-life balance policy.