rEUsilience: Risks, Resources and Inequalities: Increasing Resilience in European Families

Project outline

This EU- and ESRC-funded project trains the spotlight on socio-economic and other risks facing families across European societies and the role of policy in protecting against such risks. Undertaking both EU-wide research as well as studies of particular countries (Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK), the goal is to identify how families respond to risks and changes in their economic and care-related circumstances, especially in a context of fast-paced changes in labour markets and increasing income insecurity.  

The project will answer two research questions: What challenges and difficulties are created or exacerbated for families by labour markets in the ‘new world of work’ and how do families try to overcome these while managing their care-related and other responsibilities? How do social policies contribute to familial resilience, especially in terms of the extent to which policies are inclusive, flexible and complementary? As well as undertaking new research, the project includes a policy lab which involves citizens and experts directly in policy review and problem solution and also uses simulations and other methods to road-test policy solutions.  

Along with Professor Mary Daly (co-lead) the other partners are: Rense Nieuwenhuis (Stockholm University, also co-lead), Wim Van Lancker (KU Leven), Marga León (University Autonomous Barcelona), Anna Matysiak (University of Warsaw), Ivana Dobrotić (University of Zagreb) and Elizabeth Gosme (COFACE Families Europe).

To find out more, visit the rEUsilience website and X profile

'Exploring Resilience with Families' - National Focus Group reports, November 2023: 

Resilience or resistance? Agency in the eye of the beholder, Agathe Osinski, October 2023

Inclusiveness and Flexibility of Income Support Policies, Mary Daly, September 2023

To find out more, visit the rEUsilience website and rEUsilience X profile

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