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Getting by in New York City: Bonding, Bridging and Linking Capital in Poverty‐Impacted Neighborhoods

On the origins of welfare stigma: Comparing two social assistance schemes in rural China

Targeting Social Assistance: Dibao and Institutional Alienation in Rural China

Rationalizing poverty in New York: Tales from the middle class

Subjective experiences of older adults in poverty in urban China and the role of social policy

Poverty and Participation in Twenty-First Century Multicultural Britain

Shame, stigma and the take-up of social assistance: Insights from rural China

Measuring Poverty in Britain as a Multi-dimensional Concept, 1991 to 2003

Random Assignment and Informed Consent

Social Security Options for Informal Sector Workers in Emergent Economies and the Asia and Pacific Region

When Welfare-to-Work Programs Seem to Work Well: Explaining Why Riverside and Portland Shine So Brightly

Anti-War Children

Young Citizens or Policy Objects? Children in the ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ Debate

Do welfare-to-work programmes work for long?

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