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Left Behind? The Status of Women in Contemporary China

Shame, Face and Social Relations in Northern China- Ramifications for social assistance provision

Poverty, Shame and Ethics in Contemporary China

Getting by in New York City: Bonding, Bridging and Linking Capital in Poverty-Impacted Neighborhoods

Poverty, Shame and Ethics in Contemporary China

On the origins of welfare stigma: Comparing two social assistance schemes in rural China

“Feeling Less Than a Second Class Citizen”: Examining the Emotional Consequences of Poverty in New York City

Targeting Social Assistance: Dibao and Institutional Alienation in Rural China

Rationalizing poverty in New York: Tales from the middle class

Subjective experiences of older adults in poverty in urban China and the role of social policy

Poverty and participation in twenty-first century multicultural Britain

Shame, stigma and the take-up of social assistance: Insights from rural China

The Co-construction of Shame in the Context of Poverty: Beyond a Threat to the Social Bond


Social Policy in a Developing World

Poverty, adolescent well-being and outcomes later in life

Measuring poverty in Britain as a multi-dimensional concept, 1991 to 2003

Random assignment and informed consent: A case study of multiple perspectives

Social security options for informal sector workers in emergent economics and the Asia and Pacific region

When welfare-to-work programs seem to work well: Explaining why riverside and Portland shine so brightly

Anti-war children - Representation of youth protests against the second Iraq war in the British national press

Young citizens or policy objects? Children in the 'rights and responsibilities' debate

Do welfare-to-work programmes work for long?

Determining dimensions of poverty applicable in China: a qualitative study in Guizhou

Is the roof falling in on women in China

Need, justice and central-local relations: the case of social assistance in China

Realising poverty in all its dimensions: A six-country participatory study.