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What is new and what is nationalist about Europe's new nationalism? Explaining the rise of the far right in Europe

The Politics of the Basic Income Guarantee: Analysing Individual Support in Europe

Does unemployment matter? Economic insecurity, labour market policies and the far-right vote in Europe

Coordination, inclusiveness and wage inequality between median- and bottom-income workers

The Politics of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Grey power and the Economy: Aging and Inflation Across Advanced Economies

The politics of disinflation

Voting to leave: Economic insecurity and the Brexit vote

Labour market developments and policy responses during and after the crisis in France

Employment protection and labour market performance in France before and during the crisis

Overseas state outsiders as new sources of patient capital: Government policies to welcome Sovereign Wealth Fund investment in France and Germany

The political effects of ageing on inflation

Why far right parties do well at times of crisis: the role of labour market institutions

Explaining perceptions of the unemployed in Europe

Risks, Costs and Labour Markets: Explaining Cross-National Patterns of Far Right Party Success in European Parliament Elections

The impact of the elderly on inflation rates in developed countries

Union inclusiveness and temporary agency workers: The role of power resources and union ideology

The Rise of the Far Right in Debtor and Creditor European Countries: The Case of European Parliament Elections

The Politics of Temporary Work Deregulation in Europe: Solving the French Puzzle

The politics of in-work benefits: The case of the ‘active income of solidarity’ in France

The Political Economy of Collective Skill Formation

Mixing apples with oranges? Partisanship and active labour market policies in Europe

The dependent variable problem in quantitative studies of Active Labour Market Programmes: uncovering hidden dynamics?

The political consequences of labour market dualization: Labour market status, occupational unemployment and policy preferences

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