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Making Deservingness of the Unemployed Conditional: Changes in Public Support for the Conditionality of Unemployment Benefits

Paid Work Beyond Pension Age: Comparative Perspectives

The role of trade unions in pension policymaking and private pension governance in Europe

Class, union, or party allegiance? Comparing pension reform preferences in Britain and Germany

Conclusion: The influence from below- How organized interests and public attitudes shape welfare state reforms in Europe

Introduction: Analysing organized interests and public opinion towards welfare reforms

The popularity of pension and unemployment policies revisited: The erosion of public support in Britain and Germany

Welfare state reforms seen from below: Comparing public attitudes and organized interests in Britain and Germany

Demographic Ageing and Pension Reforms in Europe: Problems of Economic, Social and Political Sustainability

Pushed out prematurely? Comparing objectively forced exits and subjective assessments of involuntary retirement across Europe

Labour Market Flexibility and Pension Reforms: Flexible Today, Secure Tomorrow?

Welfare Retrenchment

The Privatization and Marketization of Pensions in Europe: A Double Transformation Facing the Crisis

Reversing early retirement in advanced welfare economies a paradigm shift to overcome push and pull factors

Europe's Transformations Towards a Renewed Pension System

Governing pension fund capitalism in times of uncertainty

Securing pensions for the next fifty years: Varieties of pension governance under pressure: Funded pensions in Western Europe

Shifting responsibilities in Western European pension systems: What future for social models?

Varieties of Pension Governance under Pressure: Funded Pensions in Western Europe

Double Standard: Social Policy in Europe and the United States, 2nd edition

Global Social Policy Digest

The role of trade unions in European pension reforms: From 'old' to 'new' politics?

Introduction: Causes, consequences and cures of union decline

Social capital, 'Ghent' and workplace contexts matter: Comparing union membership in Europe

Germany: Departing from Bismarckian Public Pensions

Introduction: Studying Pension Privatization in Europe


The Changing Public-Private Pension Mix in Europe: From Path Dependence to Path Departure

The Governance and Regulation of Private Pensions in Europe

The Public-Private Pension Mix and Old Age Income Inequality in Europe

The Varieties of Pension Governance: Pension Privatization in Europe

Taming pension fund capitalism in Europe: Collective and state regulation in times of crisis

Can path dependence explain institutional change? Two approaches applied to welfare state reform


Reforming the Bismarckian Welfare Systems

Crisis and reform of old-age pension schemes in Europe

Varieties of capitalism and Europeanization: National response strategies to the single European market

Reforming Early Retirement in Europe, Japan and the USA

The Politics of Pension Reform: Managing Interest Group Conflicts


Trade union movements in postindustrial welfare states: Opening up to new social interests?

Transformationen des Kapitalismus: Festschrift für Wolfgang Streeck zum sechzigsten Geburtstag

When less is more - Selection problems in large-N and small-N cross-national comparisons

When less is more selection problems in large-N and small-N cross-national comparisons

European rigidity versus American flexibility? The institutional adaptability of collective bargaining

European rigidity versus American flexibility? The institutional adaptability of collective bargaining

Where are national capitalisms now?

An empirical analysis of early retirement. Switzerland in an international comparison.

Dinosaurier der Dienstleistungsgesellschaft? Der Mitgliederschwund deutscher Gewerkschaften im historischen und internationalen Vergleich

Welfare and employment in a united Europe

The limits of convergence. Globalization and organizational change in Argentina, South Korea, and Spain.

Senior citizen policy - Social situation of the elderly in Germany and Europe

Striking deals: concertation in the reform of continental European welfare states

When institutions matter - Union growth and decline in Western Europe, 1950-1995

Europe Through the Looking-Glass: Comparative and Multi-Level Perspectives

Europe through the looking-glass: Comparative and multi-level perspectives

The Siamese twins: Citizenship rights, cleavage formation, and party-union relations in Western Europe

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