Dr Tim Vlandas awarded British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship

Tim Vlandas

The fellowship will fund Dr Vlandas’ research project ‘Ageing Democracies: Grey Power and Economic Performance’ next academic year.  


Dr Tim Vlandas, Associate Professor of Comparative Social Policy at DSPI, has been awarded a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship. 

These prestigious Fellowships are designed to support outstanding individual researchers and to promote public understanding and engagement with humanities and social sciences. 

This award will allow Dr Vlandas to carry out his research project ‘Ageing Democracies: Grey Power and Economic Performance’.  

Project outline 

The project will theorise and explore the political consequences of ageing for economic performance. 

Nearly one in ten people in the world is now aged 65 and over. As countries age, the political priorities of a growing share of the electorate might shift, and elected governments may be forced to prioritise certain policies at the expense of others, which could in turn affect economic growth.  

Quantitative methods on a wide range of datasets will examine these political economy consequences of ageing.  

The project will: 

  • Analyse the policy preferences, economic priorities, and voting behaviour of elderly voters using several cross-national surveys.  

  • Investigate whether ageing changes government policy allocation across various domains, notably prioritising pensions instead of investments.  

  • Examine how ageing may as a result negatively affect economic performance.  

Find out more on the British Academy website.