New working paper suggests the need to rethink what European countries offer to families, especially those with low resources

A mother sitting outside, resting her forehead on her fingertips. Children are playing behind her.
Cross-country report

A new working paper from rEUsilience has bought together the project's research on family life for those with low resources in one cross-country overview report.

Based on 41 focus groups with over 300 people from different types of families in Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK, the findings reveal strikingly similar living patterns and concerns in the different counties.

Download the working paper from the rEUsilience website. 

Challenges for research and policy

Professor Mary Daly has written a blog to accompany the report, outlining some specific challenges for research and policy. These include:

  • The cumulation of risks and disadvantages across employment, health, housing and social isolation
  • The huge time and energy required to manage low resources in families
  • Structural factors that underpin low-resource families’ exposure to risks and disadvantages
  • How we can respond to family realities regarding work and care
  • The need to recognise family diversity
  • The Insecurity of welfare state provision  
  • Necessary support beyond the welfare state

Read the full blog on the rEUsilience website