Dr William Rudgard

William Rudgard is a post-doctoral researcher in the Young Carers Research Group. His research focuses on identifying cost-effective services that may support and empower vulnerable adolescents across Ethiopia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe to participate fully in this critical period of life. He is particularly interested in the interconnected nature of social vulnerabilities, and the transformative role of health and social protection systems. In his latest analysis, he evaluated the impact of Ethiopia’s National Health Extension Programme on adolescent wellbeing outcomes, including child marriage and adolescent pregnancy. He is also undertaking research into dynamic panel models, multi-level models, and quasi-experimental methods for evaluating combinations of interventions and their impact on multiple outcomes. He has research and health policy experience with the World Health Organization, World Food Programme, UNICEF, and Government Ministries in Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lao PDR, Peru, and South Africa.”