Inga Steinberg

I am a DPhil candidate in Social Policy. My research investigates the labour market returns to a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) degree in the United Kingdom. I am investigating whether studying STEM truly "pays off" as so often assumed by British politicians. As part of this research, I will look into both gender inequalities and inequalities based on social origin. I will also trace returns over time, to see whether the increasing focus on STEM over the last two decades or so has affected the labour market outcomes of those studying STEM subjects. 

I hold a BSc (Hons, summa cum laude) degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Policy Science) from Leiden University College, and have recently completed an MSc (Dist) in Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford. My MSc thesis investigated the relationship between stratification (the degree of grouping of students into separate schools/ programmes), standardisation (the degree of centralisation of an education system) and the gender gap in expressing STEM career aspirations.