Lamma Mansour

Lamma Mansour is a DPhil student in Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation, supervised by Prof. Jane Barlow and a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship. Her research focuses on higher education policy, with a focus on interventions aiming to support students from marginalized communities in higher education institutions.

Lamma has recently completed an MPhil in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy evaluation with distinction in the department. Prior to this, she had received her BSc in Psychology on the academic excellence scholarship Ofakim at the University of Haifa in 2018 where she explored the inter-generational transmission of collective memory of second and third-generations of the Palestinian Nakba.

Alongside her DPhil studies, Lamma is part of the research team evaluating the impact of the Noor Initiative which aims to support and empower young Palestinian Arab women in Israel.

Lamma's DPhil project explores the experiences of Palestinian Arab students in Israeli higher education institutions. Her research aims to unpack the challenges and barriers that face Palestinian Arab students as a unique ethnic-national-religious minority group on Israeli campuses, and the ways that current systems attempt to address their needs. She is currently completing fieldwork in Israel.