Madison Little

Madison Little is a DPhil (PhD) Candidate in Social Intervention & Policy Evaluation at the Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention, University of Oxford. His current research examines the effectiveness of interventions to reduce and prevent violence against children, including packaged cash-plus programmes.

Previously, his research focused on evaluating the role of foreign aid programmes in improving HIV outcomes among adolescents and young people. He has also evaluated bioethics systems for supporting ethically-sound clinical trials, inclusion interventions for LGBTI populations, and gender-based violence prevention programmes.

Prior to undertaking the DPhil, Madison completed the MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention & Policy Evaluation (with Distinction) at the University of Oxford and graduated as Valedictorian of Rutgers University with a BSc in Public Health. In his professional work, Madison spent three years running a non-profit organisation that has worked in HIV prevention among marginalised populations in Cambodia and in AIDS-affected communities in Uganda. While at UNICEF, Madison co-edited policy briefs on childhood vulnerability in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information, please visit his LinkedIn profile or follow him on Twitter.

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