Temitope Sevezun Toyon

Temitope is a DPhil candidate in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, funded by the Leverhulme Biopsychosocial Scholarship. She is supervised by Professor Jane Barlow and seeks to investigate how poverty and social inequality affects neurodevelopment in early childhood. Her research focuses on maternal food insecurity in pregnancy, and its effect on child neurological disorders. She is also keen on understanding the cost-effectiveness of food insecurity interventions, and how evidence-based research can influence health policies.

Temitope holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Bells University of Technology, Nigeria and a Master’s in Public Health specialising in Data science from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She has work experience at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital where she worked as a Clinical nutritionist during her National Youth Service.

She is the founder of a faith-based non-governmental organization, For Your Smile Outreach, that reaches out to children in rural areas and villages in Nigeria. Temitope volunteers as a mentor at Over The Wall and IntoUniversity, both UK-based charities for children and young people. Having published her debut novel, IRINAJO, she spends her spare time writing novels and joining the St. Hilda’s College choir at the Jacqueline Du Pre Building.