Supporting Early Minds Research Network (Oxford Health NIHR Biomedical Research Centre)

Project outline

Supporting Early Minds is a NIHR funded research network established to put children under 5 on the agenda for mental health research, reflecting the importance of the early years in establishing the foundation for later development. Supporting Early Minds is co-led by Professor Jane Barlow, Dr Michael Fanner (DSPI) and Dr Alexandra Hendry (Experimental Psychology) and is part of the Mental Health in Development theme of the Oxford Health NIHR Biomedical Research Centre. The network began in January 2023, and will continue until January 2028 under its current funding arrangement. The aims of Supporting Early Minds are:

  • To bring together researchers with teams involved in the planning and delivery of services for under 5s, and their caregivers in England
  • To support local services or organisations in England to become more involved in research
  • To help develop an English research agenda focused on more targeted, effective, and accessible interventions to support emotional and cognitive development in under 5s

The Supporting Early Minds Research Network also works closely with other work packages within the Mental Health in Development theme, and more about the theme can be found on the Mental Health in Development website. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the network, please visit the Supporting Early Minds website.